Packaging suppliers for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food products require a large array of equipment such as countertops, funnels, capping machines, conveyor belts, elevators, detectors and carriages.  We turn to Chronox for products of superior quality and impeccable finish.


To ensure the protection of the public and the safety of pharmaceutical products, it is imperative to adhere to the high industry quality standards.  Chronox is your trusted partner in the manufacturing of parts, components and standalone equipment structures used in the sterile and safe production of liquid, pills and tablets.

Food Industry

Chronox manufactures critical components whose precision and impeccable finish are necessary to the smooth functioning of food handling and processing equipment.


From the start, Chronox has collaborated with various enterprises within the medical sector.  This market is an area of specialty and the engine which propels us towards even greater accomplishments as we continue to move flourish.


Within the scientific sector, infallible precision is one of the most critical factors when producing parts, components and assemblies.  Regardless of the type or size of equipment produced, Chronox can be trusted upon to deliver products of impeccable quality, reliability and durability.