Chronox distinguishes itself by consistently providing top quality stainless (or other corrosion resistant metals such as aluminum, titanium, copper and others) machined parts made to customers’ specifications. Unlike our competitors, we do not compromise quality and risk contaminating other pieces by using metals susceptible to oxidation.   We are a full service value added provider of industry leading engineered technical solutions and products.  The range of services we offer include machining, calibration and measurement and our Clean Room workspace allows for the machining of contamination-sensitive components.  Our broad technical and physical capabilities make us a one stop solution, relieving you from the tediousness and cost of seeking a new supplier if or when parts need to be added to your order.

Both our engineering and machining services are designed to easily adapt to the needs of our clients.  In terms of number of pieces manufactured, our enterprise can effectively handle small to medium size orders.  In order to provide our customers with the best services and products, we are dedicated to maintaining and improving quality across our broad scope of practice.  We achieve this through continuous improvement of quality processes, by employing highly trained and dedicated people and by standardizing well-documented processes.

Timely delivery

Regardless of project complexity, our proposal will provide realistic completion estimates and we will honor our commitments, with excellent on-time delivery performance.

Overall cost saving

Thanks to our significant experience and broad expertise in the packing industry as well as the pharmaceutical, medical and biotechnology sectors, Chronox meets your needs and objectives in the most cost effective manner.  And as an experienced and trusted supplier, we bring forth the peace of mind you seek, another important factor in your selection process.

An All-in-one Solution

Chronox is proud to offer its customers one stop shopping.  Our goal is to answer your inquiries in a timely manner, thanks to our efficiency throughout the design, development and manufacturing stages. You can count on us for defect-free custom components of high quality, delivered on time and within budget.  We differentiate ourselves by our eagerness to anticipate and exceed expectations.  We are creative and innovative in finding cost effective solutions within a continually changing marketplace.