As a  manufacturer of sheet metal products, Lasertech brings added value from  laser cutting to final product assembly.  Our highly trained and skilled team will custom build assemblies according to your specifications and  provide engineering, polishing and welding services as needed.

Throughout the manufacturing process, Lasertech ensures safe and efficient work methods to prohibit contamination and deterioration of products.

Lasertech is ISO 9001 certified ( since 2015), based upon the high quality standards of our products and manufacturing processes.


Our mission at Lasertech is to provide our customers with the best value added products, expertly and exclusively  built from stainless steel sheets.

A Team of excellence!

At Lasertech, our culture is rooted in respect, honesty, trust and performance.  We constantly broaden the scope of our knowledge and the depth of our experience to remain current and proficient.  Creativity, productivity and continuous improvements lie at the core of our objectives. 

In several sectors such as the medical one, the precision and quality of our work is widely noted and acclaimed.  An out-of –order production machine may cause significant delays, costs and issues.

Lasertech uses largely Mazak equipment, for their high performance, quick and precise work processing.

We also offer a high level of expertise and adaptability for the manufacturing of your products, safely protected from contamination in our Clean Room.

In the packaging sector, unlike our competitors, we produce top quality assemblies specifically well suited for mass production.