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Chronox-Lasertech is an enterprise which manufactures stainless steel parts, components and fully assembled structural units.  Custom made to your specifications and in full compliance with industry standards, these products are primarily used in the packing industry as well as the pharmaceutical, medical and biotechnology sectors.  As a partner supplier in your network, Chronox-Lasertech is committed to providing you the best service and products at the lowest total cost, a key ingredient to success in this highly competitive world. Find out more.

Stainless steel transformation specialists

We provide a motivated, high performance workforce that uses lessons learned derived continuous improvements and industry best practices to achieve optimum performance. Our creativity makes it possible for us to deliver cost effective solutions and a more advantageous total cost of ownership in a forever changing marketplace.

Laser cutting

2D and 3D laser cutting of profiled or spliced objects such as tubes, cylinders, angle irons, etc.


Elimination of sharp edges to avoid injury when using or handling the component.


Folding, turning and rolling aluminum foil and stainless steel to meet customized requests from our customers.

Assembly and welding

Mounting of milled components to form the final product and ensure its efficient usage.


Installation of hinges, fasteners for sheet metal (PEM), welded bolts for cabinet assembly.


Digital production of 3 and 5-axis milling and turning for stainless steel, aluminum and plastic components.


Polishing parts mechanically or manually according to industry standards.

Finish and quality control

Surface treatment, such as metal polishing and soaking. Quality control is validated according to customer specifications.

Our most recent projects

Here is a sample of some of the zenith projects to which we have contributed.  Across sectors, Chronox-Lasertech is consistently known as a creative, superior quality and cost effective partner!

Our offices

Our offices and our factory are located in the industrial park of Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, at 259 rue Copenhagen. We are easily accessible by Highway 40 or Highway 138 via the Fossambault road.

259, rue Copenhague
Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Qc
G3A 2V1

Our distinguished partners

Thanks to our distinguished partners, Chronox-Lasertech can ensure a quality performance in the production of its products. The speed of execution and the precision of the equipment are certainly a guarantee of success.