Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

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Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Laser Cutting


A unique partner in the success of your stainless steel projects


Laser cutting



Assembly and welding




Finish and quality control

Increase your production efficiency

Need more production efficiency? We’re here to help! Right now, most factories and plants are at maximum capacity and cannot accept all orders. This is where we come in, with our huge capacity! Chronox Lasertech brings added value from laser cutting to final product assembly. Our highly trained and skilled team will custom build assemblies according to your specifications and provide engineering, polishing and welding services as needed.

Make substantial savings

Since we are located in the province of Quebec (Canada), you will make substantial savings on cost (exchange rate is very advantageous for our US clients). Doing business with us is no more complicated or longer than doing business with an American company!

Tailor-made solutions

Our huge capacity and unmatched service in this competitive sector are assets that distinguish us from everyone else. We’re used to problem solving, tight schedules, and providing cost-effective solutions. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best value added products, expertly and exclusively built from stainless steel sheets.

Best quality and expertise

Do not hesitate to benefit from our expertise; we have been working with multiple clients in the US and are looking for even more partners. Throughout the manufacturing process, Chronox Lasertech ensures safe and efficient work methods to prohibit contamination and deterioration of products. Chronox Lasertech is ISO 9001 certified since 2015, based upon the high-quality standards of our products and manufacturing processes.


Chronox-Lasertech is an enterprise which manufactures stainless steel parts, components and fully assembled structural units. Custom made to your specifications and in full compliance with industry standards, these products are primarily used in the packing industry as well as the pharmaceutical, medical and biotechnology sectors. As a partner supplier in your network, Chronox-Lasertech is committed to providing you the best service and products at the lowest total cost, a key ingredient to success in this highly competitive world.


TOLL-FREE: 1 (855) 336-0950

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