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Stainless Steel Manufacturer & Machining


A unique partner in the success of your stainless steel projects


Laser cutting



Assembly and welding




Finish and quality control

Increase your production efficiency

Need more production efficiency? We’re here to help! Right now, most factories and plants are at maximum capacity and cannot accept all orders. This is where we come in, with our huge capacity! Regardless of project complexity, our proposal will provide realistic completion estimates and we will honor our commitments, with excellent on-time delivery performance.

Make substantial savings

Since we are located in the province of Quebec (Canada), you will make substantial savings on cost (exchange rate is very advantageous for our US clients). Doing business with us is no more complicated or longer than doing business with an American company!

Tailor-made solutions

Both our engineering and machining services are designed to easily adapt to the needs of our clients. In terms of number of pieces manufactured, our enterprise can effectively handle small to medium size orders.

Best quality and expertise

Do not hesitate to benefit from our expertise; we have been working with multiple clients in the US and are looking for even more partners. Chronox Lasertech distinguishes itself by consistently providing top quality stainless (or other corrosion resistant metals such as aluminum, titanium, copper and others) machined parts made to customers’ specifications. Unlike our competitors, we do not compromise quality and risk contaminating other pieces by using metals susceptible to oxidation. We are a full-service value-added provider of industry leading engineered technical solutions and products. The range of services we offer include machining, calibration and measurement and our Clean Room workspace allows for the machining of contamination-sensitive components. Our broad technical and physical capabilities make us a one stop solution, relieving you from the tediousness and cost of seeking a new supplier if or when parts need to be added to your order.


Chronox-Lasertech is an enterprise which manufactures stainless steel parts, components and fully assembled structural units. Custom made to your specifications and in full compliance with industry standards, these products are primarily used in the packing industry as well as the pharmaceutical, medical and biotechnology sectors. As a partner supplier in your network, Chronox-Lasertech is committed to providing you the best service and products at the lowest total cost, a key ingredient to success in this highly competitive world.


TOLL-FREE: 1 (855) 336-0950

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